Strength of the Mate has entered the editing process. I was ordered by Mama Kris to take the weekend off and do non-writing things, and to have a drink or two. So, I did.

The weather here was great and I had a list of home improvement projects I’d been waiting to do when it was warm and sunny. Also, DH spent the winter working on one of his boats, but he knew that once it got warm, he’d have things around the house to do. Everything came together this past weekend.

My new kitchen fell through, but that’s okay. The idiot tried to start nickel and diming me with the whole ‘that price doesn’t cover _____’, so I pulled the plug. He miscalculated with me. I’ve gutted and built a kitchen before, so I know what’s really needed and what things cost. Also, the kitchen was brand new when we moved in a few years back. I may not like the colors, but everything else about it is up to date and high end. So, the jerk will now make $0 because he was so greedy.

However, I really do need more counter top space. So, the first item on the Honey Do list was to install 1 cabinet and extend one of the counters. He’s ½ way done with that and should finish up next weekend.

My project was to patch all the gouges he’s made in my wall over time, and touch up my wall paint. So, I sanded and spackled and sanded and spray textured and painted. I also changed out all of my switch plate covers so they match my rather loose décor. I had to do some patch and paint around a few of those, too.

Next weekend, I’m re-painting all the interior doors. The opening and closing and the cleaning of dirty hand prints has left them all rather shabby, so they need to be touched up. Eventually, I’m going to repaint my entire master bath at some point. And finally, I’m going to paint my back door so that the doggie door looks like the doorway to a dog house. It should be cute when I’m done. DH’s project for the next sunny weekend with no wind, is to take all my blinds down and power wash them. He’s looking forward to that!

So, legal moonshine made it to California! YAY! I picked up a jar that was also filled with cherries! I love cherries! It doesn’t take a lot of moonshine to get that warm buzzy feeling, either. Best of all, though, I just have to eat a couple of cherries to get the same effect! Yeah, they burn going down and make my eyes water, but it’s all fun in the end!


  1. Denni says:

    I’ve seen several brands of moonshine for sale locally. I received a jar of the Firefly (apple pie) for Christmas and it was excellent…but I REALLY wanna try the cherry one!