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Still Broken….

Posted: 29th August 2015 by Kendall McKenna in News, Personal, Publishing, Writing
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Hello to everyone – long time, no talk. Rumors of my death are greatly exaggerated, although I did fall off the face of the Earth, in a way. Back at the end of May, I had a freak accident in my own kitchen, resulting in a severely broken ankle. I was placed in a splint […]

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SEASON 3 – EPISODE 1 “Fresh Blood” This begins the third season of Ultimate Survival Alaska on NatGeo! Everyone enjoyed my recaps last season, and I have such a damn good time poking fun at the staged drama of this faux-reality show, I think we’ll do it again this season – at least as long […]

To Mexico And Back Again

Posted: 28th December 2014 by Kendall McKenna in Personal
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Happy Holidays to everyone! I hope you’ve all had a happy time, and that things haven’t been too stressful for you. Have you received all the important gifts you needed, or wanted? It’s been pretty eventful for me, once again. 2014 appears to be trying to give my ass one final kick on its way […]

They Call Me Grandma

Posted: 8th December 2014 by Kendall McKenna in Personal
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I’ve been promising to share these stories for weeks now, and I keep putting off the actual writing. This article finally pushed me over the edge, metaphorically speaking. I feel for the mother. While I agree that teachers sometimes have a tough job, they also tend to forget that parents are adults. We may need […]