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Still Broken….

Posted: 29th August 2015 by Kendall McKenna in News, Personal, Publishing, Writing
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Hello to everyone – long time, no talk. Rumors of my death are greatly exaggerated, although I did fall off the face of the Earth, in a way. Back at the end of May, I had a freak accident in my own kitchen, resulting in a severely broken ankle. I was placed in a splint […]

I made it home from GRL with little incident. Nearly six hours on airplanes after close to a week in a strange bed (without my special pillow) has my lower back all twisted up. I refilled my prescriptions today, though, so I should be fine in a day or two. My doggies were happy to […]


Posted: 23rd August 2014 by Kendall McKenna in Writing
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Despite the knowledge that I’m writing fiction – fantasies, in point of fact – I strive for a certain level of realism, and believability. Sometimes, when it’s quiet and dark, I’m the only person in the neighborhood who’s awake, and I’m writing a very dramatic scene in a story, I question whether it’s possible for […]

Strength of the Mate has entered the editing process. I was ordered by Mama Kris to take the weekend off and do non-writing things, and to have a drink or two. So, I did. The weather here was great and I had a list of home improvement projects I’d been waiting to do when it […]

Happy U.S. Independence Day and Welcome to When Sparks Fly Blog Hop!   My name is Kendall McKenna and I write M/M Erotic Romance novels and novellas that are about United States Marines. Because I write about active duty U.S. Marines who have, or are serving in Iraq and/or Afghanistan, my editor and I decided […]