New SWAG Site and Info For GRL

I made an announcement on my Facebook page, but I wanted to post the information here as well. I will not be taking a large number of print books to GRL. If you’re interested in obtaining a signed copy of any of my books in print (Brothers In Arms/Fire for Effect, The Final Line, Strength of the Pack, Strength of the Wolf), it’s a good idea to bring it with you to Atlanta, in the event I run out of copies quickly.

Wolf TeamAlso, I donated a set of stuffed wolves for the MLR prize basket. One is black, one is white, and we all know who they represent! The wolves will have corresponding dog tags, with them. I’ll also have dog tag sets for sale while I’m there. Jonah/Kellan, Lucas/Noah, Corey/Sean & Tim/Jeremy.

I’ve also got recon_tattootemporary tattoos for all the couples! We can all sit in the bar together and apply tattoos as we drink! No trouble could POSSIBLY come from that! Oh, heck no!tim_jeremy_paw_2lucsas_noah_paw_2


I have launched a new swag site. Rhys Ford, author and cover artist, made four graphics for my book series’ and they turned out fantastic. The Tameness of the Wolf and The Recon Diaries each now has their own logo. She also created a fun banner for each series and I love the way everything turned out. You’re able to purchase any of the images on a large number of different clothing or tech items. I’m very happy with the quality of everything.  


StayCALM_WOLF copy



I think I’m ready for GRL, now. Just need to pack. I hope, anyway. What could I have possibly forgotten?