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They Call Me Grandma

Posted: 8th December 2014 by Kendall McKenna in Personal
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I’ve been promising to share these stories for weeks now, and I keep putting off the actual writing. This article finally pushed me over the edge, metaphorically speaking. I feel for the mother. While I agree that teachers sometimes have a tough job, they also tend to forget that parents are adults. We may need […]

The Kid’s Lucky He’s So Cute….

Posted: 12th October 2014 by Kendall McKenna in Uncategorized
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I just had a chat with DH, to reinforce the knowledge that he’s going to have to be firm with Casanova when I’m gone. I won’t be around for him to rely on to be the bad guy. This isn’t a vacation for the two of them! If he lets the routines get lax, Casanova […]