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Still Broken….

Posted: 29th August 2015 by Kendall McKenna in News, Personal, Publishing, Writing
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Hello to everyone – long time, no talk. Rumors of my death are greatly exaggerated, although I did fall off the face of the Earth, in a way. Back at the end of May, I had a freak accident in my own kitchen, resulting in a severely broken ankle. I was placed in a splint […]

I made it home from GRL with little incident. Nearly six hours on airplanes after close to a week in a strange bed (without my special pillow) has my lower back all twisted up. I refilled my prescriptions today, though, so I should be fine in a day or two. My doggies were happy to […]


Posted: 23rd August 2014 by Kendall McKenna in Writing
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Despite the knowledge that I’m writing fiction – fantasies, in point of fact – I strive for a certain level of realism, and believability. Sometimes, when it’s quiet and dark, I’m the only person in the neighborhood who’s awake, and I’m writing a very dramatic scene in a story, I question whether it’s possible for […]

I’ve been seeing a lot of people defending Paula Deen, with regard to her firing from the Food Network (or whatever it was that dropped her show). I have yet to determine whether those people are unaware of this information, or if they believe that this behavior is no big deal. The entire thing reminds […]

If you’re gonna gripe about fanfic, get your terms right.

Posted: 28th June 2013 by Kendall McKenna in Writing
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Sue Brown’s blog post here, got me thinking about some things I’ve wanted to say for quite awhile. I’m not aware of anyone saying anything specific about fanfic recently, but these things have been on my mind for months.  I think everyone needs to read the LJ post Sue links to here. It’s been up […]