Happy Hump Day, everyone! Today I’m happy to welcome author Jambrea Jo Jones to my blog. For anyone who may have been out of the loop for the last month, Jambrea, along with Cherie Noel, joined me in writing stories for the anthology Big Bone Lick Pack. Our anthology was released on January 24th, and is both well reviewed and a best-seller.

Jambrea is here today, answering some interview questions, and letting us all get to know her a little bit better. So sit back, relax, and enjoy her visit!

About the Craft:

1.ben_800     Which genre are you most/best known for?

Good question. I write so many different genres with in m/m, but I’m not sure.

2.     Which of your projects are you best known for?

I think most would say Rayne’s Wild Ride just because every time I asked a question to readers about my work they answer with Rayne’s Wild Ride. Lol

3.     Do you have a ‘signature’ or a ‘trademark’ feature in your work? If yes, was it accidental, or intentionally developed?

I think maybe the fairytale like quality of my work. I don’t think it was intentionally, but I try for happy in my work. Sometimes it might seem unreal, but I write fiction. I can give my characters a bit of a hard time, but it is always happy at the end. Maybe Pollyanna is the word I’m looking for?  lol

4.     I love stories that feature classic heroes and/or sympathetic villains, but I particularly adore anti-heroes and reluctant heroes. Do you have a preference, or a fondness, for one character archetype over the others?

I like the anti-heroes the best. Well—I like them all really, but my favorite is the anti-hero. Reluctant hero is good too. Someone who doesn’t want to really do good—but they do it anyway.

5.     My brain knows the correct spelling of the word serious, but my fingers always insist on typing the word seriouse. Do you have a similar typing tick?

Yes. What is it called when a word has more than spelling and meaning? I always get those wrong because my brain and fingers don’t always agree. Lol

6.     What work did you do to develop your craft in preparation for becoming a ‘professional’?

Read. I think it helps me.

7.     What work do you do now, to improve your craft?

I wish I could say that I read over grammar books and really improve, but I don’t. I try really hard to understand grammar rules, but I don’t get them sometimes. I mean—I think I have it down, but I end up getting it wrong. I’ve taken notes and had them to look over, but I still make the mistakes. That is why I am so happy to have great editors.

8.     Which aspect of your craft seemed to come easiest to you, early on? Has it changed with time and/or experience?

I think writing dialogue. I have so much fun with it and it really seems to flow when I get to work. The banter between my characters comes pretty easy for me. I don’t think it has changed. Maybe I’ve gotten a bit better.

9.     magnus_2_800Which aspect of your craft was the most difficult for you to master? Do you still struggle with it? Is there a new aspect you find you need to work on?

Grammar. As I’ve said before I have issues. I think I’m pretty good with plot and character development, but that pesky grammar gets me every time.

10.                        Is the work you’re best known for, the work you’re most proud of? If not, which work are you most proud of?

I’m really proud off all my work to tell you the truth. But the one I think I’m the most proud of is Magnus. It’s a military m/f story. I know I got a few things wrong in it, but I am going to work to fix that in the third book of my series. The second book, Ben, didn’t have as much military stuff, but the next book, Fin, will have them out in the field. Magnus is one of my longest stories and I worked hard, even did an outline of the material. But I don’t know if I am most known for that. I think I’d have to ask the people who have read me what they think I’m most known for. Lol

11.                        Briefly describe the mechanics of your creative process.

I wish I could say that I do a step by step thing, but I don’t. I open up a document and start writing. I never really know what will come out. Sometimes I read over it and ask myself—did I write that. I call it a brain dump. Lol

12.                        None of us work in a vacuum. We all depend on others to help us fully develop our creative projects. My beta reader and my MLR editor are absolutely critical to me. With regard to developing your craft, who are you most reliant on and appreciative of?

My editors. I have two wonderful editors. My editor at MLR and my editor at Totally Bound. I think they get me and that helps.

rayneswildride_800About the Author

1.     My job during the Zombie Apocalypse would be_____?

Sitting in a room that can be locked—handing out the gun and ammunition.

2.     Which author got vampires ‘right’?

a.     Bram Stoker

b.     Anne Rice

c.      Stephanie Meyer

______ a.     ___X____ b.           _______ c.


3.     The monster of which I am most afraid is___? Why?

a.     Vampire

b.     Werewolf

c.      Zombie

d.     Mummy

e.     Humans

______ a.     _______ b.  ____X___ c.            ______ d.    _______ e.

Because they can’t be reasoned with. They’ll just eat you. You might have a chance with the others. Lol Well—maybe not Mummies.


4.     Of all twelve Doctors,

a.     __9th___ was my first Doctor

b.     __9th___  is my favorite Doctor


5.     Star Wars or Star Trek? Why?

Both, but I’m more into Star Trek than Star Wars. I didn’t watch the original Star Trek, but I loved The Next Generation and a couple of the other spin off and I loved The Next Generation movies. AND the Star Trek movie with the whales. Lol PLUS the re-b0ot? LOVE the actors. Those two movies are at the top of my favorite movies list.

6.     Anakin and Luke are classic character archetypes (The Hero & The Christ Figure), or just a couple of whiney brats?

Whiney brats. I mean—I get it they had it rough, but they were very whiney.

7.     Star Trek: Classic, Next Generation, or Reboot? Why?

All of the above. Lol But if I had to pick I’d go with Reboot just because of the actors and how well put together the movies are.

8.     Griffyndor, Hufflepuff, Slytherin, or Ravenclaw?

I think I would get put in Hufflepuff. I have no rhyme or reason for that—I just think it.

9.     ‘Boy Bands’: Pop music genius? Or devil’s spawn?

I am a pop fan. I’m not a big ‘Boy Band’ fan, I mean I like some of them, but they aren’t my favorite.

10.                        Madonna or Cyndi? Katie or GaGa?

I like each of them for different reasons. Madonna because she is such an innovator, Cyndi because I love her voice and her music really touches me. Katie has grown and her newer stuff is out of the world. GaGa because her voice is awesome and her songs have great messages. Well—some of them do. Lol

11.                        Have you ever attended a live showing of Rocky Horror Picture show? If so, did you dress in character/costume?

I have not, but it would totally be fun to do.

12.                      standtoattention_800  Dr. Frankenfurter:

a.     Evil alien

b.     Misunderstood genius

______ a.     ___X____ b.


13.                        Have you ever played Dungeons & Dragons?

I have. When it first came out I didn’t understand it at all. It wasn’t in the realm of me and my friends at the time. My ex played in High School and continued to play into adulthood and introduced me to what it was really all about. I mean—in High School I thought it was all about Cos-Play and I didn’t understand that. But once I sat down and played some I realized it was a very imaginative game. It was awkward for me at first because you have to play act some of it—well, using words, and I’m a very shy person when it comes to that and I had to talk about what my character was doing and stuff with people I didn’t know really well and I didn’t totally understand all of the rules, but it is very interesting.

14.                        I’m not a hoarder, or anything, I just like to collect___?

Books and DVDs. I have TONS.


Jambrea’s Featured Book

onthehomefront_exlargeStand at Attention –It is now in print! My story is called On the Home Front

‘On the Home Front’ by Jambrea Jo Jones

Forgiving yourself is the hardest battle… 

Peter “Bulldog” Jakes killed his mother. People tell him it isn’t his fault, but he is just as guilty as if he pulled the trigger. Bulldog knew being in the Army Special Forces would eventually hurt his family.

Moby Edwards’ heart aches for his First Sergeant and he wants to help, but Bulldog blows him off — every time.

When Bulldog is forced to take leave, Moby follows, but will things out of their control ruin what could be the healing power of friends turned into lovers?


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  1. Cherie Noel

    Awesome interview, you two! I’m gonna read it again later, cause I seriously liked it that much. Put a big ole smile on my face.

    1. Jambrea

      Thanks, Cherie! I had fun answering the questions. 🙂

  2. Susan R

    Great interview!! And I agree about Magnus. 🙂
    Though Rayne and Piper always have a special place in my heart.

    1. Jambrea

      🙂 Magnus was just awesome. And I agree, Rayne and Piper hold a special place in my heart as well.

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